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Hi, I am Meg and I am the founder and face behind Any Reason Candles.  


I’m a mama, wife and lover of life and am always in pursuit of adventure and Any Reasons Candles has been just that.  


I love spontaneity, celebrating, sharing, caring, joke telling, storytelling, fun and anything that glitters and whilst these are my traits, they are also the main ingredients in the Any Reason Candle recipe.  Not literally, of course, we use soy wax … hehe.


With a background in Early Childhood Teaching and a career spanning over 20 years, I am an advocate for celebrating and nurturing our inner child.  As grown-ups, it’s easy to fall into the mundane elements of life and Any Reasons Candles was born to remind us all that we are all deserving of childlike fun, laughter, imagination, magic and things that make us sparkle.


Needing to find your spark again, ah sorry about that, I had to, then join me here to celebrate life, to celebrate fun and to celebrate things that light us up, oh sh*t, sorry I did it again.  


Any Reason Candles is more than just a brand selling awesome candles and fun ceramic tiles with positive messages, we are here to become part of your daily routine and remind you that we all have the capability to see life through a lens of quirkiness, lightness, possibility and self-acceptance.


What did one candle say to the other?  Let’s go out together.  


That was the last one I promise.


I hope that this was your reminder to pursue adventure and happiness and you had a little giggle along the way.


Love Meg xx 

Head Honcho

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